Andrey Bulezyuk

Previous to Ginkgo Analytics, Andrey Bulezyuk has worked in Start-up and Mid-Sized Companies in the EdTech Industry with Responsibilities ranging from Fullstack Development, Team Leading & Machine Learning Engineering. During this Adventure he also published two books “Algorithmic Trading” & “Django 3 for Beginners” and coaches Dev-Teams in every EU-corner to use different Frameworks.
detect oil storage tankers
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Detect Oil Storage Tankers with PyTorch

In this post we will Detect Oil Storage Tankers with PyTorch to locate Oil Storage Tankers on Satellite Images. In this Article I explain the

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Deploy AWS Lambda with CDKTF

What is Terraform CDK CDK for Terraform is an Extension from Hashicorp for Terraform (opens a new tab). It basically allows us to utilize the