Renewable Energy &


Main Challenges

Climate Change

There will be sudden climate changes which will largery effect the energy flow. The supply chain needs to deal with unexpected changes.

Energy Storage

Energy Storage can be complex due to chaotic dynamics of wind and solar energy in demand and supply. Storage technology is very helpful in solving problem.

Productivity shortfalls

The demand for renewable energy will only increase in the future. AI can help in overcoming energy shortcomings and efficienfy deficits.

Weather Forecast

One of the many challenges of renewable energy is the unpredictable weather on which solar and wind energy is dependening on.

Integration of microgrids

Distribution of energy goes through microgrids. It's challenging to balance the energy flow within that particular grid. Power quality issues can occur.

Sector convergence

Different industries are integrating into each other like energy management, building, housing, mobility, telecommunication and technology.

How can AI help?


AI in the Utilities Industry –  AI applications can analyze highly complex systems in real time and optimize them in ways not possible before.

20 % Efficiency

Investment in AI is expected to reach a 20% efficiency improvement in the utilities sector, according to The Verge.

95% Unstructured Data

AI enables software applications to examine large data structures, detect anomalies, identify patterns and make precise predictions.

40 % Cutting Costs

According to BeeBryte, AI can accomplish saving of up to 40% of utility bills due to efficiency gains.

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