KLU Startup Day in Hamburg

At the Kuehne Logistics University Startup Day 2020 in Hamburg up to 80 startups, 200 students and 100 practitioners are expected to participate during the day. There will be a dedicated 90min session for each logistics area. The sessions will be moderated and prepared by students and researchers, so that we are looking for a discussion well beyond the usual pitches. After these sessions, participants can meet in the market place to exchange ideas individually.

New startups are created everyday all over the world and it’s exciting to observe a digital transformation of the logistics sector. As a student you can become a part of this process on the Startup Day or even get inspired for your own business idea. The Startup Day will be open to all KLU students, external students and practitioners interested in the topic.

Ginkgo Analytics was a guest at the Kuehne Logistics University Startup Day. Our managing director Steffen Maas gave a presentation on IoT, data, machine learning and best practice in the track “Supply Chain Transparency”. In the following panel discussion he talked about challenges and chances of innovations in logistics.

We will gladly send you the presentation if you are interested, please send us a note.

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