Established in 2017 – Hamburg

Ideation and exploration workshops to unleash the power of data and transform your enterprise into a data driven company. Setup of internal organizations and technology stacks.

Analytics Services

We work with your data to create insights, visualizations and services. We apply statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to answer business questions and provide a factual base for data driven decisions.

Analytics Products

We provide ready-to-use products with partners, like our big data appliance which stores data locally in your network to comply with all data privacy laws and regulations.

Industry specific insights

Logistics industry insights
  • Categorization and segmentation of customers
  • Priorization of orders
  • Prognosis of delivery dates
  • Price optimization in real-time
  • Cognitive analysis of root causes of delays
  • Optimization of vehicle and asset utilization
  • Prognosis of asset reliability
  • Shift and tour optimization


Retail industry insights
  • Turnover and market prediction
  • Customer segmentation
  • Analysis of customer lifetime value
  • Recommendation systems for products or product parameters
  • Topic trend and product portfolio analysis
  • Product insights analysis
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Clickpath analysis
  • Social network insights
  • Delivery forecast
  • Return probability
  • Sensitivity analysis for product features and prices
Production and manufacturing specific insights
  • Turnover and market prediction
  • Prognosis of material availability and usage
  • Automatic quality checks based on machine learning
  • Identification of errors and deviation
  • Optimization of machine and asset utilization
  • Real-time monitoring of production pipeline
  • Prognosis of project delivery dates
  • Optimization of production process (digital twin)
Finance and controlling insights
  • Fraud detection
  • Customer rating
  • Risk rating
  • EBIT impact analysis of transformation projects
  • Sensitivity analysis of value drivers and cost drivers
  • Fact based decisions
  • Anomaly detection of expenses and spendings
  • Budget monitoring and forecast of targets


Human resources insights
  • Automated matching of candidates to roles
  • Candidate profiling and segmentation
  • Prediction of cancellations and absence
  • Talent management and churn prediction
  • Expert network and knowledge analysis
  • Workforce sentiment analysis
  • Social network analysis
  • HR process and KPI monitoring and trend analysis
  • Cognitive recommendation system for promotions
IT insights
  • Anomaly detection within IT security
  • Monitoring of IT infrastructure and trend analysis
  • Impact and correlation analysis of IT services
  • Prognosis of demand and supply
  • Automated scaling of IT services
  • Service utilization and optimization
  • Prediction of infrastructure and IT service failures and downtime
  • IT cost modelling and prognosis
  • Measuring of service quality and customer satisfaction

Our methodology

  • Ideation

    With our end-to-end business expertise and understanding we identify relevant use cases with high impact on the organization - together with your business representatives based on existing and future data.

  • Prototype

    We clean, prepare and transform the data and develop a working prototype for your data analytics use case. Iteratively we improve the data quality, the model parameters and evaluate the results until they reach production maturity.

  • Implementation

    Together with you we review and choose a target architecture for the implementation. We drive the insights through the company until the business processes are changed.

Our Data Science Team

  • Steffen Maas
    Steffen Maas Founder & CEO

    Founder and managing director. 10 years experience in digitization of companies meets passion for data and analytics.

  • Dr. Christian Geier
    Dr. Christian Geier Senior Data Scientist

    Neuro-physicist and python expert with 5+ years of experience in big data, IoT and machine learning.

  • Dr. Johannes Wagner
    Dr. Johannes Wagner Senior Data Scientist

    PhD in theoretical physics with strong experience in big data modeling and analysis for life science and material science research.

  • Dr. Samo Turk
    Dr. Samo Turk Senior Data Scientist

    PhD in computer-aided drug design with a decade of experience in natural science. Co-developer of the mol2vec algorithm.

  • Anna-Lena Klaß
    Anna-Lena Klaß Data Scientist

    Aspiring data enthusiast with a M.Sc. degree in Economics and experience in empirical economic research and statistical analysis.

  • Hwei Geok Ng
    Hwei Geok Ng Data Scientist

    M.Sc. in Intelligent Adaptive Systems with expertise in computer vision, deep learning and machine learning especially in robotics and biomedical image analysis.

  • Henrik Steude
    Henrik Steude Senior Data Scientist

    M.Sc. in International Management and Engineering. Expert in applying machine learning to business problems and transforming businesses into data driven companies.

  • You? Senior Data Scientist / Data Engineer (m/w)

    We are hiring! Apply now.


Ginkgo Analytics has been founded in 2017 as spin off of Ginkgo Management Consulting. We are independent and specialized on data analytics, big data,  machine learning and artificial intelligence.