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Main Challenges

Aging population

The population gets older and faces multiple healthcare problems by keeping the treatment options up-to-date.

Cost pressure

A lack of doctors contributes to time and cost pressures so the hospitals have less and less time for individual patients and produce errors.

Growth in unstructured healthcare data

Unstructured data cannot be collected and analyzed to gain useful medical insights. The consequence for unmanaged data can lead to treatment and research errors. Healthcare professionals will also save time from having accurate information readily available with structured data.

Less time to diagnose

On average a doctor has 5 minutes with the patient, which can lead to treatment errors.

Overload of administrative tasks

Administration workers can act more efficiently when regular tasks are automated, to free up time for the essential tasks.

Cognitive factors contribute to diagnostic errors

Diagnostic errors that are produced include faulty perception, failed heuristics and biases. AI can be used to reduce the effect of cognitive biases and influences when clinicians make diagnoses.

How to implement AI


Having the right product, in the right place, at the right time can save lives in the healthcare sector.

AI can help you face the biggest challenges on your healthcare journey – to meet these challenges, we offer you AI support in these most important areas: clinical research, development, diagnosis, implementation of a new product and customer service.


AI in Healthcare: The Next Medical Revolution – AI applications are revolutionizing the healthcare industry, from hospital care to clinical research, drug development and insurance – Forbes

6.6 Billion Investment

By 2026, the industry is expected to generate around $37.9 billion, accordig to Zion Market Research.

95 % Unstructured

AI can read and understand unstructured data. AI’s ability to process natural language allows it to read clinical text from any source and categorize and code medical concepts.

Cutting Costs

According to Business Insider Intelligence, 30% of healthcare costs are associated with administrative tasks, which AI can automate.

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