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AI Consulting

AI Readiness Assessment

We assess jointly with you your readiness to apply artificial intelligence on your company and your processes. This covers your organization, technology, methods, data as well as strategy and execution.

AI Strategy Definition

We jointly define and align your AI strategy including your vision, target picture and business model. We explain and evaluate the strategic options for you and help you to define your transformation roadmap.

AI Use Case Identification and Prioritization

Based on our AI use case library and our experience we help you to identify, specify and evaluate the use cases relevant for your company. We are jointly calculating the business case and prioritise your use cases.

AI Technical Architecture Review

We jointly review your current IT architecture and provide actionable recommendations on data driven and AI services. This includes “make or buy” recommendations, as we know the tools in the market.

AI CoE Blueprint / Organisational Transformation

Based on best practices and our experience we will provide you with a blueprint on required organisations (e.g. an AI CoE),skill, roles and methids. We jointly specify how we transform your existing organisation into “data driven” and “AI powered”.

AI Implementation

AI Use Case Evaluation

We understand and analyze your data to evaluate the technical feasibility of your use cases as well as the business case. This normally happens in short “use case sprints”.

AI Proof of Concept

We develop a running proof of concept for you which serves as a showcase for internal decision makers and decision point for further investments. The proof of concept serves as basis for further development.

AI Service Development

We jointly develop with you productive AI services and products, which are used to transform your business processes. The AI services can be integrated into your existing applications. 

AI Platform Setup

Based on your target architecture we help you to setup a data science workbench on premise or in the cloud. Together with partners we ensure a highly secure, scalable and automised environment, including CI/CD for AI services.

AI CoE as a Service

Based on our experience and best practice we can provide you a full AI center of excellence as a service, permanent or temporarily. This includes all required skills, roles, methods and tools. 

AI Training

AI Introduction Course

One day course for all levels, explaining the basics of AI by giving insights into the technology, trends and real-world examples. Includes a hands-on example how work with data and artificial intelligence.

AI Strategy Course

Half-day course for managers and decision mangers to highlight the strategic impact of AI on business models as well as the strategic options on how to get AI in production. Includes practical exercises .

Tech Deep Dive Courses

Our experts share their experience in practical technical deep dive courses. Covered topics are Python, AWS, GCP, Natural Language Processing, Power BI, Tableau etc.

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