Data privacy declaration

By completing your online application form or submitting it by email, you declare that you understand that, as part of the application procedure, your data will be stored and used by Ginkgo Analytics GmbH in accordance to the applicable legislation. Ginkgo Analytics GmbH, including all subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as „Ginkgo Analytics“), takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. Therefore, we would like you to know when we store your data and how we use it:

Recording and processing of personal data Personal data will only be recorded if you have made it available to us, for example, by completing forms or sending emails as part of the application procedure. Your personal data will not be passed on or shared in any way with any third party. Should it be the case we will request your consent upfront and unless we are under a legal injunction to do so.

Purpose of use

order diazepam australia The personal data which you have provided will only be used for the purpose of your possible engagement into a working relationship with Ginkgo Analytics.

Access and rectification right

You have the right to access and rectify any of your personal data stored by us if you feel this data is outdated and incorrect. In this case, please contact us by email as specified in the Legal Notice.

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Right of withdrawal

valium 20 mg online You are entitled to withdraw your consent for the use of your personal data with immediate effect at any time. In this case, an email request to the email address given in the Legal Notice will be sufficient. The same applies if you wish for your data to be deleted.

Retention period for data

buy diazepam overnight delivery We store personal data for as long as is necessary to consider and evaluate the possibility of engagement into a working relationship. The data will be immediately deleted as soon as it is concluded that these are no grounds or potential to explore a professional relationship and that any legal proceedings and obligations concerning the General Act on Equal Treatment have been completed. Any further storage is only permissible after obtaining your explicit consent for this purpose.

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Security Ginkgo Analytics has implemented technical and organisational security measures to protect the data made available to us from accidental or willful manipulation, loss, destruction, or unauthorized access. Our security measures are subject to regular revision and refinement in line with technological development.

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